Gest Plain Management Services


A management and tourism company that has a combination of management services, maintainance of apartments, rental apartment and travel agency.


Our service:


Rental Management - This process are for owners who provides a self rental services but needed a management that would offer the following:

  • Cleaning and maintanance of apartment
  • Change of linen and towels as requested by owner
  • Transfer and monitoring of clients 
  • Offer breakfast 
  • Control of electricity meters / water and making payment on behalf of owner
  • Request for information regarding the cost of fees and tax expenditures 
  • Provision of laundry and taking full responsibility
  • Request information regarding the IUP, records and contracts
  • Organize tours and sightseeing or as requested

Full Management - This process are for owners who needed us to handle both rental and management of their apartments by offering the following:

  • Committed to develop a marketing strategy to advertise the apartment
  • Maintainance and upkeep of the apartment, cleaning, laundry payment, invoice for the cost of electricity and water during the stay of guest
  • To provide all the monthly data needed to have a full knowledge regarding the rental of their apartment
  • Dealing honesty and clearly with all agreements with Tour Operators and provide data on the prices agreed upon 
  • Provide a rental services for long or short period as requested by owners, organization and ease of buying tickets with Travel Agencies
Phone/Fax: +238-242-17-37
Mobile: +238-927-83-42
Rua August 15, Vila de Santa Maria,
 Sal, Cape Verde

Partnership With Other Tourist Agents:

  • Partnership with hotels to supply breakfast services
  • Collaboration with various agencies to hire quads and bicycles
  • Partnership with travel agency as a legal representative to facilitate the purchase and issuance of tickets, excursions and tours on the islands.

We believed we are capable of performing all the activities we demonstrated here due to our 10 years of experience in the tourism industry in Cape Verde. Meeting the needs of our customers and having the capacity to respond efficiently.

Property Management & Tourism

Gest Plain


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